How to Potty Train Your Dog: Tips from the Best Puppy Store Serving Las Vegas

best puppy store las vegasIf you’ve never had a dog before, there’s a good chance that potty training your pet may feel like a challenge. But getting worthwhile tips from the best puppy store can make the process a lot easier and let you get back to enjoying your dog sooner.

Be Consistent

Learning something new is hard for puppies as well as people, so you can understand how much being consistent helps your dog. When you make the bathroom part of your dog’s daily routine, with the same time, location, and even words of instruction or praise, it reinforces these new habits.

Use Rewards

Pets can be motivated by rewards, so consider how you want to treat your pet after successful pottying. Options for positive reinforcement, which is the kind that’s typically recommended by pet care professionals, include food treats and playing with your dog’s favorite toys. 

Be Patient

Realize that it can take several weeks to several months to get your dog to eliminate on a puppy pad or outdoors without accidents. Show your pet patience and understanding as much as possible, and avoid rushing, which can cause added stress to your pet and lead to more elimination accidents.

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