Hypoallergenic Breeds Are the Best Puppies to Buy in Summerlin: 3 Myths Busted

Best-Puppies-to-Buy-SummerlinIf you love dogs but have allergies to them, you may think it’s not possible to enjoy the benefits of owning a pet without getting a hypoallergenic one. Learn more about hypoallergenic dogs when you’re shopping for the best puppies to buy so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family, while keeping your allergy symptoms to a minimum.

Myth 1: Some Breeds Are Completely Hypoallergenic

Although it’s not possible to find a breed that’s guaranteed to not aggravate the allergies of someone allergic to dogs, there are some kinds that are less likely to shed pet hair, which is one of the things that usually cause allergy symptoms.

Myth 2: You Must Get a Purebred Dog to Avoid Allergy Symptoms

For the most hypoallergenic pet possible, don’t limit yourself to a purebred pup. Mixed breeds can be great choices, too. The key thing to remember is that you want a dog that doesn’t shed too much. 

Myth 3: Only Short-Haired Dogs Can Be Hypoallergenic

It’s not the length of the dog’s hair that affects allergy sufferers but the amount of dander that the pet sheds. Some shaggy-looking dogs can be a great match for dog lovers with allergies, while short-haired pups can cause all kinds of wheezing, sneezing and red, itchy eyes. 

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